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Why we use Electrical devices in our facials

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We have the BT Micro Current here in the salon and can use it in your pro skin 60 facial treatments. 

If you were wondering what it can do for you, read on….

What is the BT Micro Current?

The BT Micro Current is a small hand held device that we can use within your facial treatments. It allows us to provide an ultrasonic exfoliation, as well as allowing us to make products work further down into the skin. 

Why do we use it?

We want to provide the best facial treatments for you in the salon that we can – so that’s why we use the BT Micro current to make all our products work harder. The ultrasonic and micro current will help to penetrate serums and masques further into the skin, allowing them to work harder. It therefore allows us to give a much more efficient facial treatment to you. 

What can we use it for?

We can use it on EXFOL mode, which helps to promote the removal of dead skin cells. This mode would be used whilst exfoliating the face all over, or targeted on specific areas such as blackheads. We can use the BT Micro current to help push the black heads up and out of the skin’s surface, using its EXFOL mode. 

As well as targeting areas and increasing the exfoliation, we can use the SERUM mode. This mode uses micro current and ultrasonic technology to “push” products deeper into the skin, greatly maximising their effectiveness. 

Who can benefit?

All skin types can benefit from this treatment. The exfoliation mode and the targeted blackhead function would be perfect for someone who suffers with an oilier skin or any congestion on the skin. Whereas the serum mode will help a dry or mature skin to benefit from the improved effectiveness of the products, working deeper in their skin. 

What difference will I see?

Given the wide range of functions we can use the BT Micro current for, it can give a wide range of visible benefits to the skin. It will help to deep cleanse, exfoliate, clarify and decongest the skin when used in EXFOL. 

Whilst it can help to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles and help to firm and plump the skin when used in SERUM. 

If you would like us to use the latest hand held technology within your facial treatments, please let us know and we will tailor the facial and use the technology to suit your skin’s needs. 

Coming soon CACI electricals