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Are the course tutors fully qualified?

Yes, all of our teachers have been hand picked specifically for each beauty/nail/holistic course. Each teacher specialises in a certain area of the beauty industry, this is to make sure that the student is getting the most in depth and knowledgeable teacher. 

We ask all our teachers to continue to hold an active client base so they continue to be highly experienced in the industry and also stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, this ensures that you as a student will receive the very best training. 

Can I pay for my beauty training course in instalments?

Yes! You will need to pay a 25% deposit of the total course fee in order to secure your place on the course. Once you have paid this deposit, the remaining balance can be paid in up to another 3 instalments. 

Please note that all course fees must be paid a minimum of 1 week before the starting date of the course. 

Why are your courses much shorter than studying the subject at a further education training centre?

We provide fast track training to small groups of students who wish to specialise in a certain course and also learn at speed. Before attending the course, you will be sent and asked to read an essential manual. By sending this to our students before the course, it means that their understanding of the subject begins at home. 

This allows more time on the day of the course to be used for practical training in the chosen subject. 

Our class sizes are a maximum of 8 people.

Once I have paid and booked my place on a course, can I change the date of my practical training session?

We do allow students to change the original date of a course booked, however we require 10 working days notice. Failure to do so will result in the course place being confirmed by you, therefore full payment will be due. If the course was purchased at a discount price and the date is changed, you may be liable to pay the full price. 


Please note that a student can only alter the date of their course once. To rearrange your training course please call head office on 01443 303034. 

Do I have to buy a kit when booking?

No.  Students can purchase our kits at any point including before the course, during the course or after the course. All course materials are provided by Mi:Skin Training on the day of the course; however some subjects do require case studies to be submitted.   

How can I order a kit?

The kit can be purchased by calling head office on 01443 303034 or through your tutor on the day of the course. 

All of our starter kits are displayed on the wesbite, under training courses

How long do kits take to arrive once purchased?

We advise you to allow 10 working days for the arrival of your kit once ordered, however normally we deliver within 5 days. 

How can I prepare for my course at Mi:Skin Training?

We will send you through your essential manual with 48 hours of booking your course.  This details all of the information needed for your course.  It includes professional standards, salon hygiene, customer consultations and much more!

What do I need to do prior to the practical training sessions?

After completing your booking with ourselves you will receive a confirmation email. This email will include the date and time of your course, where to find us and our Essential Manual.  Students are required to read through the Essential Manual before the day of the course – the manual covers all beauty, nails and holistic topics, however your email with tell you which sections you are required to read. 

What do I need to bring with me on the day of my beauty training course?

On your training course with Mi:Skin Training, all equipment and products will be provided for you.  

A notepad is great for keeping you own notes.


For some courses students are required to bring a model with them in order to practice the treatment, an email will be sent prior to your course outlining if you do or do not need to provide your own model (please note some courses require patch testing. It is the students responsibility to ensure their model has been patch tested). 

What should I wear on the day of my training course?

All NVQ students are required to wear a tunic on the day of the course.  All short course students are asked to wear a tunic if they own one, if not then to dress smart, black trousers and top is preferred.

All students should wear minimal jewellery and it is also recommended that their hair is tied back when possible. 

What time should I arrive at the training centre?

We ask all students to arrive 15 minutes prior to their course starting so that the training session can start promptly. 

Please note that if you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your training course, you may be told to attend the next course date as you have missed vital information. A £40 admin fee may be charged. 

If you have any further questions then please don’t hesitate in contacting us on either 01443 303034 or

Are refreshments provided for me?

Light refreshments including biscuits and drinks are provided on the day of your course. Students are required to provide their own lunch, we also have Greggs and local cafes next to the Academy.

Is there a written exam on the day of my beauty training course?

No.  Most of our courses will require completion of case studies and a workbook following your course. 

Our NVQs include assignments, exams and assessments but these will be explained on your induction. 

What happens if I have to cancel my training course ?

To rearrange your training course please see: “Once I have paid and booked my place on a course, can I change the date of my practical training session?”. Unfortunately Mi:Skin Training cannot provide a refund on any course unless we ourselves cancel it. 

We can offer you a credit note to use against another course, however to do this we will require you to cancel at least 10 working days before the original course date. 

Can I get insurance after I have completed my course at Mi:Skin Training?

Yes, once you have received your certificate, you will be fully qualified and able to gain beauty therapist insurance. 

All of our shourt courses are accredited with Professional Beauty Direct and NVQs with VTCT.

Can I keep in touch with the tutors at Mi:Skin Training after completing my course?

Yes, we encourage all of our students to keep in contact with us!  We love to hear how you are getting on with your treatments and are also here for guidance. 

The best way to contact your tutor is through our Facebook page “Mi:Skin Beauty Academy”, so make sure you like us.  Alternatively you can email or call 01443 303034.

What happens if I do not pass my assessments or exam - do I have to pay again?

We will work with you to ensure you gain your qualification.

Students will only receive their certificates once they have successfully passed. Most courses involve the students completing and documenting 3 case studies carried out on their own clients.  The student has 3 months from the date of the course to send these to Mi:Skin Training in order for you to receive your certificate.  

If the case studies are not of good enough quality to pass, then the student can resubmit them for free as long as it is within the 3 months from the date of the course. If the student does not submit qualifying case studies within the 3 months, then a £30 admin fee may be charged. 

How long will it take to get my qualification?

Certificates are only produced once the student has attended the course and successfully passed. Most of Mi:Skin’s subjects require case studies to be completed at home; in this case, students will receive their certificates once they have passed their case studies.  Usually dispatched within 10 days of receipt of case studies.

NVQs will differ depending on VTCT

Is a Mi:Skin Training certificate enough to get a job?

Yes, however some salons will require you to be NVQ qualified, but don’t panic we can explain this to you.

Many salon, nail bars and spas send their own staff on training at Mi:Skin due to our excellent reputation and are also happy to employ therapists holding our certificates.  

All our short course qualifications are accredited by Professional Beauty and our NVQs are accredited by VTCT.