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The Difference Between Classic And Russian Volume Lashes

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Classic, Hybrid or Russian/Volume extensions? What is the difference and which is better? What do they all mean?
Classic lashes are the most traditional form of eyelash extensions and provide a ready to go mascara effect with extra length, definition and curl. 1:1 Lash extention applied to one natural lash. Classic lashes are usually more natural looking whereas Russian/Volume Lashes are where a fan of 4 or 5 much finer lashes are applied to each one of your own lashes. This gives you extra fullness, length and curl.
Russian lashes will look much thicker and fuller and won’t look as natural as a Classic Lashes.

Classic Lashes look their best when you have a normal or abundant number of natural lashes that are thick and strong, if you prefer the natural, mascara look. If you have sparse lashes and want to add volume or denisty to your lash line, These may not be the best option for you. You’ll want to try out either Hybrid or Russian Volume Lashes.

If you like an effect fuller and thicker than Classics but aren’t quite ready to jump into the world of russian volume, hybrid lashes are a great way to dip your toe in. Hybrid lashes are a mix blend of classic and volume lashes. Hybrids have the benefit of denfition from Classics with a touch of softness from russian volume lashes.

This mixed technique is also a great option if you have a good amount of real lashes but are recovering from a bad set of lash extensions applied elsewhere and are missing some of them or have major gaps as the Russian Volume fans will cover them to create an even lash line. Russian Volume lashes are a good option to try if you have sparse natural ones as the multiple extensions fan out and cover any gaps in the lash line giving the effect of density or fullness. You also get the same benifits of added length and curl of classic lashes.

Avoid getting them wet for up to 48 hours after application.
Do not rub or touch your eyes.
No picking at the lashes.
Brush through your eyelash extensions in the morning, throughout the day and before bed.
Do not use oil based products.
Clean with an eyelash cleasing foam every day if wearing make-up if not every other.
Stay on top with your infills (recommened every 2/3 weeks).