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Skin health

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Top tips from our dermalogica skin specialist

Usually at this time of year it gets a little warmer and therefore our skin produces a little more oil making it look healthy and smooth….

Well it turns out the unpredictable weather is making things tough for our skin

Here are my top tips for springing into great skin…

1. Spring clean your makeup tools and makeup bag.

2. Adjust your skincare… if you use a moisturiser and your skin just isn’t improving, you’ve got the wrong moisturiser or you need to add something into your regime to add more moisture…( a richer cream, night moisturising cream, a serum, a mask)

3. Exfoliate, if dead skin cells are lying on the surface of your skin, the skin will not appear smooth, use gentle exfoliation to eliminate all dead skin cells.

4. Say yes to H2O! Ditch a few brews and replace with water to assist hydration.

Skin mapping is free so why not book in and let us analyse your skin type.

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