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How to Master a Winged Eyeliner

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Kelly Callow • Jan 12, 2016

Once you can do it you will never look back!

I use to HATE applying eyeliner on myself and also on my clients. At one point I tried to talk my clients out of having a winged eyeliner. I didn’t even like the look of it. The reason I disliked it was because I didn’t know how to apply the look. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t suit everyone, it is a big no no for people with hooded eyes and also on mature skin. So girls let’s make the most of it before we grow old! Before I started working at Mi:Skin Beauty I only practiced make up techniques on myself and not on other people. This job gave me the confidence to start using my skills in make up on other people. I firstly started to practice on my friends and family, I found that doing make up on friends and family was the best kind of practice because they are extremely fussy- but this is a good thing as more practice means better make up skills! As the salon started getting busy with weddings (and I love doing wedding make up) my love and skills in make up grew- which then led me to winged eyeliner! I knew I could master it with enough practice and lots and lots of youtube videos. I practiced every night on myself and on all the girls in work. Just remember make up does come off, so keep clam and practiced more! I can finally say I have masted a perfect winged liner on myself and on clients and I must say is does complete a beautiful look.

The best tip I can give to anyone & that also helped me is first of all find the right eyeliner product! Make sure it has a thin tip, I like to use a liquid liner. My favorite being The new Cid cosmetics I-flick. It has a liquid pen on one end and a pencil on the other end, so it is perfect to use to blend in a nice smokey eye look. If you have a very shaky hand a good way to apply eyeliner is to use sticky tape. Apply the tape just on the outer corner of your eye and on the top line make sure they are even and simply fill it in when you take off the tape you will have neat line.

Another good way to apply a winged liner is to steady your elbow on a table so your nice and still and draw a thin line coming from the outer corner of your lash line then lining it from the top lash line making a nice triangle shape and then fill it in and there you go a perfect winged liner. The picture that is underneath, is the photo that I learnt from. I printed it out and put it next to my mirror for a guide line, i found it really useful. Again just remember it’s only make up, it comes straight off so don’t panic practice makes perfect!