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Dermalogica Bio Lumin C Gel Moisturiser

Why do we recommend a Vitamin C Moisturiser?

The Bio Lumin C Gel Moisturiser is For all skin types and will ……….

> Super Hydrate the skin with X5 Hydrators to work all through the skin layers not just on the surface

> Gives 3X more brightening to the skin

> Has Ultra stable Vitamin C complex – the % of the vitamin C is not what counts its literally how stable it is so it lasts and still delivers maximum strength of vitamin C in the skin

> Key ingredients re-energise & re-activate the vitamin C therefore it continues working in the skin for longer term benefits

> It gets delivered to where its needeed most in the skin

> It has improved Potency & Penetration

>Phyto Acid mildy exfoliates to give you smooth luminous skin

~ Ultra stable

~ 3X More Brightening Power

~ 3X More Available Vitamin C

~ Instantly Hydrates & Brightens Overtime

> Retails at £59.00