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What is an A-lift facial?

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A-lift is a non invasive treatment which helps your skin become firmer, rejuvenated and brighter. It helps the elasticity of the skin which helps overall complexion and hydration.

A-Lift applies nano-current technology and mirco-current onto the skin and through the muscle creating a natural recharge of your cells. The cells renew quicker, toning the muscles around the face, neck and jawline. Treatment times are 30-90 minutes depending on the area of concern.

With immediate results and long lasting effects; Non invasive and pain free, A-Lift is revolutionizing the way we think of beauty. In affect, nano/micro-current therapy is able to jump start the cell by giving it the amount of energy needed to start functioning at the correct level.

As a result of adding low levels of electrical current, Nano/Micro-current therapy mimics the bodies own electrical impulses therefore accelerating rates of collagen production plumping the skin and erasing fine lines and wrinkles.

* Intensive lifting, toning, and firming of the face and neck
* Improved skin hydration
* Regain elasticity and structure
* Smoother, more radiant complexion
* Target and reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
* Reduce puffiness around the eye area due to lymph (fluid) accumulation
* Non-invasive and completely pain free
* No downtime

* Unisex and suitable for all ages
* Age preventative / anti-ageing
* Anyone needing a quick treatment with results
* Excellent pre-event treatment – Get your GLOW!!
* Anyone needing a ‘results driven’
* Those with specific concerns / timescales
* Perfect natural way to combat the signs of ageing

Recommended as a course of 10 treatments